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Dodge Charger R/T, Pack 12 Options
#1 Posted : 25 February 2021 04:50:44
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Pack 12 Stages 46-50

Stage 46; The Electronic Control Unit

Orient the control unit as shown. We will be making connections to the control unit, and powering the board and checking sound and light functions. Take your time and work carefully with the electronics and the sound and lights will work. I’ll start by making the connections with the wire assemblies 46B,46C and 46D. It may be helpful later on to make some kind of a small tape marker to identify the different wire assemblies when they get buried under the floor pan. I had to use my thumbnails on each side of the connectors in order to get them to seat. However you get the connectors in, do it to take care of the wire assemblies. Start with 46b, the sound switch, insert the connector into location1F. Double check the diagram for the orientation of the control board. This start connection is what I used as a locator for all the other wire assemblies. Next, 46c, the switch for the lights goes to 1G. 46D, the dashboard lights, go to 1H. The photo of installed 46C and 46D show the location of the control unit mounting posts. Secure with 4 DM screws. Install the speaker wires to location 1E and the power wires to location 1D. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries at this time. Put the batteries in the battery holder and test the sound switch as described in the instructions. PLEASE CHECK MY LOCATION CALL OUTS against the instructions prior to powering up the board. I tried my switch, nothing happened, Bummer. I started at the battery box and found it had been shipped in the on position, so I had turned the power off. Turned it on, tested the switch, the horn worked, tested the other functions and they worked as advertised. TURN THE POWER OFF before moving on to the next step. (Hopefully everyone was successful with sound.)

Stage 47; Connecting the wires and testing the lights

Moving on to the lights; Connect 47A (the black wire switch) to the control unit at 1B. The clear light wire assembly, 47B (white and green wire) goes to the control unit at location 1A. Connect the red rear lights (black and green wires) to the control unit at 1C. All of the wire assembly connection locations should be full. 8 sets of wires installed. Again, PLEASE CHECK ALL THE WIRE LOCATIONS against the instructions just as a double check. After checking the locations of the wire assemblies, turn the power back on to test all of the light functions described in the instructions. If all is good, turn the power off and remove the batteries.

Stage 48; Wire Routing

Next on the list is wire routing. This proved to be challenging due to the grommets, screws and wire positioning. I finally got some masking tape to hold the wires in position,and using tweezers to complete this step. Moving on, floor pan and hooks. I think the photos show better definition as to location than the instructions do for the installation of the hooks. The hooks push in, so be kind of careful with them.

Stage 49; Shifter installation

On to the shifter installation. Put the shifter rail onto the center console and secure with 2AP screws from underneath. Drop the shifter thru the shift rail and put the knob 49B on. The shifter is plastic, so go easy. Put the shifter assembly on the floor pan and make sure the shifter moves thru the shift gate freely. Turn the floor pan over and secure the shifter assembly with 2AP screws. Stage 49 is complete.

Stage 50; Building the fire extinguisher.

Put the two halves of the extinguisher together and secure with 2AP screws. Carefully press the gauge into place (the plastic pin will, be careful). Put the extinguisher base plate 50A in place. The extinguisher goes on thru the holes in the plate 50A and onto the floor pan. Turn the floor pan over and secure with 2AP screws while supporting the extinguisher. Put the 2 brackets, 50E onto the floor pan facing each other and secure 4AP screws. I did put all of the loose wires from the control unit into a small bag for safe keeping. Stage 50 is complete.

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