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Dodge Charger R/T, pack 17 Options
#1 Posted : 22 March 2021 00:37:09
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Dodge Charger R/T

Pack 17 Stages 71-75

Note: You should have received a new cap in the Stage 74 blister. In Stage 75 you will replace the 7 place distributor cap for the 8 place cap. The pin and hole that secured the cap to the distributor fit so tightly I could not remove it without taking the front end apart to get at the screw that secured the distributor to the block. I was afraid that I would have broken the distributor had I keep pulling to get the cap off. A lot of the discussion of this Pack is involved with the removal, replacement and rebuild of the front end. I hope your cap might pull off, or you have a tool that will remove the cap without pulling on the distributor. On with Pack 1!

Stage 71; Rear view mirror and internal panels

There are four parts in the assembly of the mirror. Because of the bend on the mirror arm, only tighten enough to stop the rotation of the mirror on the arm. I had to use a hobby knife to remove the backing on the mirror tape. I left the tape on the finish side of the mirror and firmly pressed into place and removed the film. Put the mirror assembly away until step 72. Turn the Middle and rear sections of the body over to install the front interior panels, 71A and 71B. Secure the panels with a BP screw for each panel.

Stage 72; Installing the roof frame

Install the mirror as shown with a CM screw. There are 11 LM screws in the roof frame. Install all 11 of the screws as shown then re-tighten.

Stage 73; Tailgate panel

Scrape the seams off the spring post of the boot lock parts 73C. The spring should seat properly on the posts. Make sure you have the correct spring for the lock.I got all the parts and screws ready and installed as shown. Check to make sure the lock operates. Place the cylinder into part 73D, add the spring, then install the cylinder assembly with two AP screws. Check the operation of the lock and cylinder. If it works then move onto stage 74.

Stage 74; Installing the rear lights

Separate the connector for the rear lights. Press the lights into the holes of parts 74B and 74C. Be, careful with the orientation of the left and right rear lights with respect to the wire location. Bend the light wires down carefully, swing the wires toward the outside so they will all fit under the parts 74B, 74C and the tailgate panel, 73A. I mounted the rear lights to the tailgate panel without the red lenses so that the lights could be checked making sure they are still in the holes. Then put the red lenses on. I polish ed the rear body panel before installing it. Mount the tailgate panel assembly by sliding panel into position as shown Secure with 9 PP screws as shown.
Put the ignition coil and the coil bracket together with a QP screw.

Stage 75; Installing the ignition coil

I started this Stage with the replacement of the distributor cap and snuck in the ignition coil installation when appropriate. Pack 8 Stage 29 assembles the radiator and the front panel of the engine housing.Remove the 2MM screws in step 29.7. In step 29.8, remove the parts 6F and 6E, 2AM and 2CM screws. Loosen the 2EM screws in step 29.9. The radiator and the front panel came off. The hoses stayed in place. Slip the fan belt off the alternator and remove one screw from the alternator fan belt pulley. Take the pulley off, remove the two screws from the mounting plate, remove it. Take the screw off from the rear mounting plate. The screw for the distributor is now exposed. Disconnect the plug wire and remove the one screw on the distributor. Separate the cap, put the new one on. Replace the distributor. Now is a good time to put the ignition coil in. Remove the back CM screw from the frame rail cover and replace with a KM screw. Just start the screw enough to stay put, slip the ignition coil onto the screw and tighten. Put the plug wires and the coil wire back on. I didn’t worry about the firing order right now, just wanted everything tidy and out of the way. Reverse the process to put it all back together. Back to the build. Put the fuel hose on with a KP screw. Check out the relief where it fits. Match it to the hose. Place and secure the left boot panel, 75A, with 5SM screws.

Pack 17 is complete!
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