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Dodge Charger R/T, Pack 21 Options
#1 Posted : 05 June 2021 16:18:11
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Been awhile since I’ve worked on the Dodge, just got Pack 21 the other day. Spring has finally arrived, somewhat. We’ve had a little rain, some thunderstorms, a couple of snow days and a flurry of earthquakes nearby under the lake.

On to the build! In pack 20 we assembled the driver’s side door. In Pack 21 we’ll assemble the other door, and put the right front wheel arch together and install it.

OK, it’s the left front fender. Time to build.

Pack 21, Stages 91-95

Stage 91, Right side inner door panel

All that needs to come out is the body. Put the door handle parts together, and press fit it into the door. Orient the handle as shown in the guide. Separate the inner and outer door assemblies. Mount the inner panel, 91A to the inner door assembly with 6AP screws. Be careful not to press on the window frames. It’s time to get a cloth to set the outer door on, keep it shiny and scratch free. Insert the tabs on the lower window guide as shown, secure with parts 91F, 91E and 3OP screws.

Stage 92, The right door window (I)

Place the window guide, 92A as shown and secure with 4CM screws. Onto the outside wind wing frame. The screws are small and short, don’t over-tighten. Secure with 4TP screws, 2 at the bottom of the outside frame (shiny chrome) and 2 at the top half of the inside frame. Support the frame while inserting the 2TP screws in step 92.3. Secure the knob, 92D with an SP screw, to the wind wing window. Orient the knob as shown. Insert the knob, 92D into the hole about halfway up the front of the window frame. Put the pin at the bottom of the window into the slot on the bottom of the frame and secure with 92E and a DP screw. It might help to pre-tap the hole first.

Stage 93, The right side door window (II)

Secure the crank knob to the handle with a GP screw. The knob, 93H is in one of the small baggies. Put the crank handle thru the hole and slip the gear onto the end of the crank. 93E goes first, then 93D and secure with a BP screw. Put the cover, 93F over the gears and align the four AP screw holes. Secure the crank handle first with a VM screw. Put the 4AP screws into the cover and check the operation of the crank handle. Add the weather stripping. Check the window for smudges and clean up. Slip the window into the track on the wind wing frame and over the posted screw hole on the lift arm, 93E. Set the window with aBP screw in that posted hole. Again, check the operation of the window. Join the inner and outer panels and check operation again. Adjust as necessary by loosening screws and checking fit of the two panels. When satisfied, secure the panels with 6AM screws and TP screw at the top of the rear window frame. The SM screws are used in Stage 94, installing the door to the body.

Stage 94, Installing the right door

Install the door as shown, using 2SM screws. Install parts 94D and 94F with 4AM screws as shown.

Stage 95, The front left wheel arch (fender)

Put the indicator lens, 94B into the lens frame 94A. Mount into the fender, orient properly. Secure with the indicator cover 94C and 2CM screws. Put a soft cloth down and flip the body over onto the roof. Put the fender in place and secure with 4FM screws.

Pack 21 is complete.

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